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May 20,2019
14.85 MB
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Here comes our new game which makes you a successful dentist.
Start practicing on your mobile, clean the teeth of the girl so that he can smile properly。This game will not only make you feel funny, but also make you learn more about dental.If you're a devoted fan of games with pixels graphics and dentist games, you'll love this doctor game with real surgery. Follow the game?s instructions and improve your dentist skills!
After you have done this you can then begin the cleaning process ready to decorate with plenty of colors. Hearing this, can you clam your exciting mood? Don't hesitate. Play it now and after you finish all the work , the baby will be healthy and cheerful as before!
Besides, he will be grateful with you.
So fantastic the game it is. Why not try it now? You can regard it as practise rather than a game. You don't need to go to hospital, just play it with your phone or pad.Any child, boy or girl, will have fun playing it.

* a huge variety of dental tools to choose
* user-friendly interface
* real teeth surgery
* free

* Take care of your patients in your own dentist office! Use different dentist tools to fix, brush and whiten teeth and become the best teeth doctor ever!
* bush and rinse your customer’s teeth to remove any lose plaque and food ready for her smile makeover!
* FILL her mouth with water to rinse it before vacuuming it out!
* ADD a coating over her teeth before filling in the holes to make her teeth look white!
* USE the teeth pliers to pull out her black and rotten teeth ready for replacements!
* REPLACE the teeth and drill them into place so they stay in place!
* RINSE her mouth out so any excess substances are removed!
* COLOR and decorate her teeth with all sorts of fun items!
* CHOOSE a dress to match with her new smile so she is ready for her big day out!

Looking for good dentist games for kids? A great, fun way to teach kids how to brush their teeth properly.Try one of the funniest teeth surgery games ― Baby Pou At Dentist and forget about boredom!. If you're into craft games and want to try something new, this teeth dentist game is just what you need!Thus, what do you wait for?
Beauty girls like shopping, beautiful clothes, fashion hair style, and make over themself to be a precess. So they like some games for girls like dress up and hair salon and so on. kids just like some fun, intersting games. There are also some games for kids like Dentist.
If teens are painful or sickness,they have to go to the dental clinic in social. Now let yourself be a dentist and take care of your patients. In the dentist's office, you can not only turn yourself into a professional dentist, diagnose and cure different patients, but also can operate and decorate your own dental clinic. Patients suffer from different kinds of teeth problems like bad teeth,tooth cavity and dental calculus because of eatting so many candies. they are painfull and sickness. Patients just open their mouths, and doctors heal their problem teeth. It's the funnest teeth and dentist game ever!