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May 20,2019
30.18 MB
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Baby Lullabies is application for babies and young children to comfort and relax them at bedtime. Baby Lullabies includes soothing, simple melodies and gentle rhythms all that are required to induce a sleepy atmosphere.
Baby Lullabies app includes
Simple melodies and lullaby classics such as :

- The Cradle Song - written by German composer Johannes Brahms
- Johannes Brahms Lullaby
- "Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman- arranged by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart known by English lyrics Twinkle Twinkle Little Star will
- Mozart/Minuet: Allegretto
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: German Dance
- Ludwig van Beethoven: Fur Elise
- Tchaikovski: Swan Lake Waltz
- Rock a Bye Baby
- Village Lullaby
- Hush, Little Baby
- Lullaby Goodnight
- All The Pretty Horses
- Music Box Lullaby
- Music Box

Baby Lullabies application:
- Help tired babies and parents sleep
- Safe, easy to use, and extremely effective.
**** With Baby Lullabies give your child perfect childhood! ****