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May 20,2019
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Audiobit is a folder player that you can use to browse your phone and/or the SD card and play the music files they contain directly from the app.

Audiobit music player is free, and it shows no ads. (An optional premium subscription is also available for purchase.)

Audiobit puts you in control of the music in your phone. You can use Audiobit to navigate the folders of your phone and/or the SD card, view the music files (MP3, WMA, etc.) they contain, and listen to them on your phone.

Audiobit MP3 player does not use the MP3 tags or other information that the music files may contain. Instead, it uses the folder names and the file names of the music tracks to display the music on your phone. This way, you have the full control of how your music is organized and shown. You can connect the phone to your PC and use Windows Explorer to move or rename the folders and the music files on your phone and the SD card it has. For example, you may want to move several folders containing albums from the same artist into a single artist folder, to keep them separate from other artists. If you don't like the way the tracks are displayed, just rename their files! And so on. Audiobit will show the folders and the tracks exactly as you have arranged them.

If you experience a problem with this app, please don't give it a low rating, give us a chance to make it right! Use the 'contact the developer online' link on the front page of the app, we'd love to hear from you!

Happy listening!

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