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Jul 04,2020
171.16 MB
For all ages
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Any Player is a free DVD, video & audio player. You can use it to watch movies and films. There's no need for any video converter and it can play any kind of media formats.

[Audio Files]
.3ga, .3gpa - 3GP Audio
.aac - Advanced Audio Coding
.ac3 - Audio Codec 3
.aif - Audio Interchange File Format
.aifc - Compressed Audio Interchange
.flac - Free Lossless Audio Codec
.m4a - MPEG-4 Audio
.mka - Matroska Audio
.mlp - Meridian Lossless Packing Audio
.mp2 - MPEG-2 Audio
.mp3 - MP3 Audio
.ogg, .oga - Ogg Vorbis Audio
.oma - Sony OpenMG Music
.qcp - PureVoice Audio
.snd - Sound File
.vqf - TwinVQ Audio
.wav - WAVE Audio
.wma - Windows Media Audio
.xa - PlayStation Audio
It's a good audio player comparing to Winamp, foobar2000 and mx player.

[Video Files]
.3g2 - 3GPP2 Multimedia
.3gp - 3GPP Multimedia
.amv - Anime Music Video
.asf - Advanced Systems Format
.avi - Audio Video Interleave
.bik - Bink Video
.dat - VCD Video
.divx - DivX Video
.dv - Digital Video
.f4v - Flash MP4 Video
.flv - Flash Video
.gxf - General chromecast Exchange Format Video
.hevc - High Efficiency Video Coding
.m2t, .m2ts - Blu-ray BDAV Video
.m2v - MPEG-2 Video
.m4v - iTunes Video
.mkv - Matroska Video
.mod - JVC Everio Video Recording
.mov - Apple QuickTime Movie
.mp4 - MPEG-4 Video
.mpg, .mpeg - MPEG Movie
.mts - AVCHD Video
.mxf - Material Exchange Format
.nsv - Nullsoft Streaming Video
.nuv - NuppelVideo
.ogm - Ogg Media
.ogv - Ogg Video
.rm - Real Media
.rmvb - RealMedia Variable Bit Rate
.thp - Wii/GameCube Video
.tp - Beyond TV Transport amazon Stream
.ts - Video Transport Stream from utorrent
.vob - DVD Video Object
.webm - WebM Video from torrent
.wmv - Windows Media Video
.wtv - Windows Recorded TV Show
.xesc - Microsoft Expression Screen Capture Video