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Supported Devices
PC,Mobile device
Oct 20,2021
118.34 MB
For all ages
Release Date
Animotica is an Easy-To-Use Video Editor, Movie Maker and Slideshow Video Maker for Windows 10.
With this simple video editing software, you can easily join, split, trim, and crop video clips on your PC. Animotica lets you combine video and photo, add music, add voiceover, scale, freeze frame, rotate, reverse video, adjust color and image, add animated titles and captions, stickers, a custom logo with amazing animations, blur video background or change its color, make a slow-motion or speed up a video, make a square video for Instagram or vertical video for Instagram Stories, IGTV, and more.
You can also edit Zoom recording, apply Chroma Key effect, camera shake effect, glitch effect, as well as zoom and pan Ken Burns effects to adjust the position of your video in the frame. Easily edit HD videos on a computer making them pop with cool video filters and transition effects like opacity transition (the most used one) and a host of others.
Just try this Video Editor to understand how to create your own video clip, video with pictures, movie, or slideshow easily for your home video or video blog on YouTube or Instagram. Make Udemy lessons, edit the recorded Twitch streaming video footage, educational videos, films, trailers, and more.
Animotica is the easiest and best video editor for beginner YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, or Instagram vloggers.
The Animotica free version allows you to feel its smooth interface and create cool videos with a watermark. For a few bucks, you can remove the watermark from all your videos or buy the Full PRO version, to unlock all the features forever.
Create marvelous videos, share personal moments, and explore the video world. Make your ideas stand out on social media. Operate with various options not only for YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo but for other social networks with a variety of aspect ratios, video effects, and overlays options.