Amazing lock screen

Amazing lock screen

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Supported Devices
Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Aug 27,2017
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x86, x64
Editor's Review
The best lock screen app for windows 10 and windows 8.
Bing has the greatest images & now you can get use them for your lock screen. Set one of the eight latest images manually or automatically update the lockscreen to today's image!

You can also copy the image to your machine, perfect for use as a desktop! If you want to email the image to a friend, why not use the share charm to share the image with your email program.

Your live tile will also update to show the most recent images, great to keep your desktop feeling fresh & alive!

Bing is a copyright owned by Microsoft. This app is not developed by nor endorsed by Microsoft.
The best lock screen images in amazing HD resolution
Daily background updates - run it once and it will do the rest
Don't want it automatic? Not a problem - you can change the image manually too!
Live tile of the most recent 5 images!
Save the images locally for use as wallpapers
Supported Languages
English (United States)

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