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Supported Devices
Oct 20,2021
188.77 MB
For all ages
Release Date

All Media Player is an all-in-one multimedia player that plays most audio and video files, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, audio CDs, VCDs, and various network and streaming protocols. Enjoy playback of all your favorite music, videos, DVD & Blu-ray movies without the need of installing any extra plugins, codec, or software.

All Media Player supports the following audio and video file formats:

***Video Files:
3GPP2 Multimedia File (.3G2), 3GPP Multimedia File (.3GP .3GP2), 3GPP Media File (.3GPP), Anime Music Video File (.AMV), Advanced Systems Format File (.ASF), Audio Video Interleave File (.AVI), Bink Video File (.BIK), Binary Video File (.BIN), DivX-Encoded Movie File (.DIVX), DRM Rights Object (.DRC), Digital Video File (.DV), Flash MP4 Video File (.F4V), Animate Video File (.FLV), Google Video File (.GVI), General eXchange Format File (.GXF), Disc Image File (.ISO), MPEG-1 Video File (.M1V .MPEG1), HDV Video File (.M2T), Blu-ray BDAV Video File (.M2TS), iTunes Video File (.M4V), Matroska Video File (.MKV), Apple QuickTime Movie (.MOV), MPEG-2 Video File (.MP2V .MPEG2 .M2V), MPEG-4 Video File (.MP4 .MP4V), MPEG Movie File (.MPE .MPG .MPEG), MPEG-2 Video Stream (.MPV2), AVCHD Video File (.MTS), MTV Video Format File (.MTV), Material Exchange Format File(.MXF), Nullsoft Streaming Video File(.NSV), NuppelVideo File (.NUV), Ogg Media File (.OGM .OGV), Ogg Vorbis Multiplexed Media File(.OGX), Topfield PVR Recording (.REC), RealMedia File (.RM), RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File(.RMVB), Toribash Replay File (.RPL), Wii/GameCube Video File (.THP), JVC Everio Video Capture File(.TOD), Video Transport Stream File (.TS), DVD Video Object File (.VOB), DVD Video Recording Format (.VRO), WebM Video File (.WEBM), Windows Media File (.WM), Windows Media Video File (.WMV), Windows Recorded TV Show File(.WTV), Expression Encoder Screen Capture File(.XESC), Windows Media Player Playlist (.WPL)

***Audio Files:
MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File (.MP2), Ogg Vorbis Audio File (.OGG), 3GPP Audio File (.3GA), UNIS Composer 669 Module (.669), Dolby Digital Audio File (.A52), Advanced Audio Coding File (.AAC), Audio Codec 3 File (.AC3), ADTS Audio File (.ADT), Audio Data Transport Stream File (.ADTS), Audio Interchange File Format (.AIF), Compressed Audio Interchange File (.AIFC), Audio Interchange File Format (.AIFF), Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File (.AMR), DVD-Audio Audio Object File (.AOB), Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File (.APE), AMR-WB Audio File (.AWB), Core Audio File (.CAF), DTS Encoded Audio File (.DTS), Free Lossless Audio Codec File (.FLAC), Impulse Tracker Module (.IT), Karaoke MIDI File (.KAR), MPEG-4 Audio File (.M4A), MPEG-4 Audio Book File (.M4B), iTunes Music Store Audio File (.M4P), MachFive Preset File (.M5P), MIDI File (.MID), Matroska Audio File (.MKA), Meridian Lossless Packing Audio File(.MLP), Amiga Music Module File (.MOD), MPEG-2 Audio File (.MPA), MPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File (.MP1), MP3 Audio File (.MP3), Musepack Compressed Audio File (.MPC), MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File (.MPGA), Finale Notation File (.MUS), Ogg Vorbis Audio File (.OGA), Sony OpenMG Music File (.OMA), Opus Audio File (.OPUS), PureVoice Audio File (.QCP), Real Audio File (.RA), RMID MIDI File (.RMI), ScreamTracker 3 Module (.S3M), SID Audio File (.SID), Ogg Vorbis Speex File (.SPX), Unknown audio file (.THD), True Audio File (.TTA), Creative Labs Audio File (.VOC), TwinVQ Audio File (.VQF), Sony Wave64 Audio File (.W64), WAVE Audio File (.WAV), Windows Media Audio File (.WMA), WavPack Audio File (.WV), The Sims Audio File (.XA), Fasttracker 2 Extended Module (.XM), Media Playlist File (.M3U ), UTF-8 M3U Playlist File (.M3U8), Audio Playlist (.PLS), Zune Playlist (.ZPL)

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