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Supported Devices
May 21,2019
3.93 MB
Release Date
! Airplanes is NOW available on iPhone, iPad and Windows 8 Tablets !

Airplanes is a cross-platform ONLINE game similar to Battleship, but uses airplanes instead of navy ships. The shape of an airplane allows you to think in 2D instead of 1D and makes the game-play more fun. One hit to the head takes down an entire airplane and no further hits are required.

You always have to think two moves ahead your opponent in order to guess the position of his airplanes on the battlefield. Be smart and at the end of the day you can claim victory.

Now you can play Airplanes from iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 Tablets and also for FREE from your Desktop(Windows or MAC) and from Facebook:


In case you have a friend who doesn’t own a Windows Phone have no fear! , he can also play with you ONLINE from his iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 Tablet, PC or Facebook.

The TRIAL only allows you to play on a battlefield of 10x10 with 2 Airplanes.

Buy the FULL game to get unlimited battlefield sizes and unlimited number of airplanes.

See You on the battlefield!



- iPhone and iPad integration (you can play against iPhone and iPad users)
- Bug fixes

- Leaderboards: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and TOP 100
- Players now have Ranks: Captain, Major, Colonel and General
- Smarter Computer Opponents (see if you can still beat them...)
- Live Tile that shows your Best Score and Rank
- Major Online Game improvements
- Security improvements
- Windows 8 Tablet integration (you can play against Windows 8 Tablet users)
- Bug fixes

- Major UI Improvements
- Position your airplanes with Drag & Drop
- New fire/miss effects
- Share your victory on Facebook/Twitter
- Bug fixes

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