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May 15,2019
55.93 MB
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This is an educational app that turns adding and subtracting into a game. The child's aim is to leap from platform to platform and to try to get to the exit before time runs out. The trick is they need to solve addition and subtraction problems in order to jump to the next platform. If they get an answer right, they jump. If not, they lose a life. Lose three lives and the game is over.

Conceptually the app lays out platforms relative to each other so that the player jumps "up" to get to a higher valued platforms and jumps "down" if the next platform has a lower value. This cements the idea that adding creates a larger number while subtracting creates a smaller one.

The child is encouraged to repeat each level multiple times because the sums to be solved are randomly generated and so they practice adding and subtracting different numbers every time they play the level.

In addition, there are multiple levels to play, which increase in complexity. Later levels offer problems with negative numbers.

Finally, the child can display or hide a whiteboard illustrating the sum they are trying to solve. This reinforces how they are taught to construct simple sums in the classroom.