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Supported Devices
Windows 10,Windows Mobile
Apr 18,2018
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Adding your local, worldwide, and Cortana search results directly to your Contacts is just a tap away!

Although Bing local search and Cortana local results on your Windows are helpful and powerful, if you want to add a search result to your Contacts, you have to Copy & Paste all information individually into a new Contact.

With Add to Contacts, the entire process is automated for you, including retrieving an image for your Contact if it’s available!

PRIMARY USE: Go Cortana and search “Add to Contacts find…” and get local or worldwide Cortana search, and then tap to add to your Contacts!

SECONDARY USE: Search for local or worldwide results from within the app itself and add them directly to your contacts!

Download one of the forgotten features of Windows today!
Search nearby or worldwide with a simple word or phrase!
Optionally, edit contacts details before they get added!
Manage your entire experience!
Add directly to your contacts with a simple tap!
New contacts saved with all the important information, including contact image and business hours!
Simply ask Cortana to find any business or any topic...and then a simple tap and it's in your contacts!
Automatically add your contacts to your Office 365 Contacts!
Automatically add contacts from the Maps app!
Supported Languages
English (United States)

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