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Supported Devices
Windows 10,Windows Mobile
Apr 18,2018
24.98 MB
Action Toasts is a new way to get things done quickly, without losing the context of your app, through your Action Center.

How many times have you felt the frustration of leaving the app just to refer a word?
How many times you had to unlock your device and open OneNote, just to add one line in your todo? Or to make a single tweet?

All this goes away Action Toasts. Action Toasts harnesses the power of actionable toast notifications. There is a toast always in your Action Center, waiting for your command.

With Action Toasts, you can:
1. Search Wikipedia!
2. Quickly post a tweet!
3. Send to a quick note to OneNote!
4. Add links to Pocket!
5. Do simple calculations!
and a lot more are on their way!!

Do you think Action Toasts has more untapped potential?
Do you want Action Toasts do more than this?
Get to the Feedback Hub and send us new Action suggestions.

Note: This app is currently in public beta. Your suggestions/opinions/feedback is most welcome.
Search Wikipedia from Action Center
Tweet from Action Center
Add links to Pocket from Action Center
Make quick calculations from Action Center
Send quick notes to OneNote
Instant Dictionary reference
Send links to Instapaper
And much more on the way!
Supported Languages
English (United States)

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