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May 20,2019
6.9 MB
Release Date
Update 1.3: Fixed crashing issue
Update 1.2: Improved writing experience
Update 1.1: Changed UI of first page of app
This is must have app for toddlers to learn and write ABC with help of Mother's voice. It helps child to learn and write ABC skill faster.


1. Application has Learn, Write, Play and Test alphabets.
2. Learn - Simple design of app, integrated with beautiful pictures and mothers voice keeps toddler interest for long time in this app which help them to learn alphabet fast.
3. Write - Simple design with feature of turning on and off dots helps toddler to practice ABC writing.
4. Play - Learning is fun if it happens in form of play. The mother's voice asks to touch one among the list of different alphabet and on touch of correct alphabet mother's voice appreciates toddler.
5. Test - At last toddler can give skill test where Alphabet will appear and toddler has to touch the right image corresponding to the alphabet.

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