Most Popular Personalization Apps for Windows 10

Most Popular Personalization apps for Windows 10.

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Earth 3D Live Wallpaper
Do you want to see our Earth from the space? To see the Earth from space is an unforgettable impression


Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper
The ocean is a miracle. It fascinates and enchants with its beauty


Moon 3D Live Wallpaper
The moon has long amazed the inhabitants of the Earth with its beauty and at the same time always seemed somewhat mysterious


Calendar Paper
Calendar Paper is a modern version of computer's calendar that allows user to write, draw, marked schedule like paper calendar


8.1 Lock Screen
Easily create a lock screen with using the new lock screen API


Mars 3D Live Wallpaper
Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is a small planet that appears to be red color


Search Bar Connector
The Search Bar Connector allows you to use the Cortana search bar in Windows 10 in connection with your preferred default browser


Battery Live Tile Editor
The ingenious battery app for your Windows phone 8


Wallpapers 4K UHD
Choose your new background from 22 Categories like; 4K UHD, Seasons, Animals, Cars, Nature or Space, separated in 1-2 Pages per Category


Nebulas in 4K
Look up at the night sky. Now look even farther. Some nebulas are shadowy while others are a small, bright area


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