Most Popular Kids & family Apps for Windows 10

Most Popular Kids & family apps for Windows 10.

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Santa Calls
Let your children know that Santa is watching. Santa Calls makes it look like you are getting a phone call from Santa Claus! Pin a call to your start screen to get an immediate call from Santa


Baby Toy
Your baby's FIRST Toy! Stimulate and develop your baby's brain with a variety of well-known children's songs and colorful images! DESIGNED BY PARENTS FOR PARENTS! Built as a simple game, as long as your toddler keeps the screen pressed, entertaining music with colorful images will play


Animal Sound Box
Over 80.000 downloads! Over 30 animals : Bird, Camel, Cat, Cow, Dog, Donkey


Family tree
MyFamily tree app discover and edit your family history and keep in touch with the people you love anytime, anywhere


First Words: Learning Animals
“First Words: Learning Animals” is the first educational and Nr


Draw! is a simple and fun finger drawing tool for kids and adults


Toy Xylophone
Toy xylophone is not only a fun instrument for kids and adults to play, but also a simple learning tool to learn how to play more than 90 children and folk songs from all over the world! Latest Updates: - Support Windows Phone 7


Color Me
Color by numbers, shapes, letters or dots. Fun for all ages


Baby Monitor for Kinect
How it Works Video! This App once it's downloaded needs the Camera Permission (Kinect) to Work


Puzzle games for kids
Play, Create, Learn ! This app delivers 5 amazing games that helps young kids learn about various subjects! 1) WORLD MUSIC - Arrange music instruments and learn their names and sounds 2) JUNGLE SAFARI - Learn animal names and their sounds 3) THINGS THAT GO !- Learn a variety of vehicles and the sound they make 4) WORLD OF SPORTS- Learn about sports from around the globe 5) SHAPE PUZZLES - Learn to recognize and associate common shapes Kids will stay entertained as they learn new concepts and expand their vocabulary by playing with a variety of educational games included in this one single app: 100+ puzzles in five categories for parents to share with kids! With over a million downloads on Windows devices, the learning games from "GuruCool" have helped parents around the world to boost their child's early learning abilities


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