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May 21,2019
51.89 MB
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The Giroptic 360cam is a 360 degree camera built to easily capture video and photos from every angle. It delivers easy real time streaming video over Wi-Fi, recorded 360 videos and photos, in the palm of your hand. Up. Down. All-around.
The 360cam app will let you remote control your camera, import your 360 contents into your phone and share it to your favorite social networks.

Key features:

- Remote control
Use the 360cam app for Windows Phone as a remote control to record videos, photos, burst & time lapses on your 360cam. Switch capture mode directly from your 360cam app and get a live preview before starting to shoot!

- Import your contents
Easily import your 360 photos from your 360cam to your Windows Phone device in a few steps

- View and enjoy your 360 content
Use the 360cam app forWindows Phone to play your 360 photos and videos in our built-in 360 player, and try the different viewing modes: panoramic, 360 and little planet!

- Share your 360 photos
Share your photos on all major social sites in a few steps!

- Featured content
Enjoy the best 360 videos & photos from Giroptic’s partners and content creators.

Giroptic’s 360cam ( sold separately ) is required to record spherical videos and photos
Additional accessories are required for live streaming.

// Important //
360 video transfer & playback may be disable if needed on your device due to material limitations.

We are working hard to deliver the best experience using your 360 cam. We know everything is not perfect yet, so if you experience any issue please contact us on [email protected]