Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10,Available Oct 20, 2015

Windows 10 adapter box

The Xbox wireless adapter for Windows 10 has just gotten a page on the Xbox store(Here). This new peripheral is a USB adapter that you can plug into your desktop that will pick up your Xbox One wireless controller as if you’re playing on a console.

The accessory is going to be launching on October 20th, and costs $24.99. It’s a big help to anyone who prefers to use an Xbox controller on their PC but still wants the freedom of movement that is allowed with a wireless controller. Microsoft has been making a point to make Windows 10 a platform for gaming that’s on par with Xbox, with a focus being put on games like Fable Legends and Gigantic — allowing gamers to have a more natural experience on Windows 10 with their Xbox One controller is a big help towards that end.