Win10 RS 14271 Tutorial: Offline Scan with Windows Defender

Windows 10 RedStone Preview 14271 is released and we are glad to see a new update: offline scanning with Windows Defender.


As we know, the previous Windows Defender Offline requires disc or a USB flash drive to boot it to perform the scan and remove malware. Now it changes. With the release of the Redstone 1 update for Windows 10, Offline Scan of Windows Defender is completely automated without any external bootable disk and Windows Defender Offline be run and on the next reboot Windows Defender Offline will automatically scan the malware and reboot into Windows 10. 

Now let me show you how to scan computer with Offline Scan of Windows Defender Offline.

1. Open the Setting App


2. Go to “Update and Security”, you may see “Windows Defender” on the left, click on it.


3. Then you may see a button of Scan Offline, select the button, then your PC will be restarted and Windows Defender will now automatically perform a quick scan of your PC in the recovery environment.