The Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 Features May Be Coming Soon

Recently, an Italian blog site leaks some images of the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile features (seeing the pictures from the blog site below). But it’s quite sure that some Redstone branch 2 features will be brought to the Insiders soon. And the expected time to see the features may be in this week.


Below is the quotations about the Windows 10 Mobile update changes from the blog site in Italian, and TopWinData also posts the translated English version just below the quotation.


“Introdotta una nuova icona la quale comparirà al completamento di un nuovo aggiornamento di sistema o alla richiesta di un riavvio.

Adesso Windows Update è visualizzabile nella lista delle applicazioni che ricevono notifiche.

Nuova voce Opzioni avanzate nel menu di aggiornamento.”

 English translation:

“Introduced a new icon which will appear at the completion of a new system update, or to request a restart.

Windows Update is now displayed in the list of applications that receive notifications.

New entry Advanced Options in the upgrade menu.”

 For the insiders of Windows 10 Mobile, these changes may be expected soon.