Skype UWP Preview Version on Windows 10 Updating with Translator and Voicemail Supporting Features

 On June 18. 2016, Skype UWP Preview app gets running on Windows Insider builds with a new version release – Version 11.5.155. Most of TopWinData’s Windows 10 users may want to get sneak peek of the new features of the latest Skype Preview. blob.png

Now the top Windows apps download site for Windows 10 – TopWinData would like to introduce you the awesome updates of Skype: Call hold/multiple calls, voicemail and translator get supported; directory search, notifications/badging performance get improved significantly; and more other new and amazing functionality are waiting for your experience.

Now you can click to check updates for Skype UWP Preview by cliking link below to download Skype , if you are a Windows Insider user.