PoGo UWP Helps You Play Pokémon Go on Windows 10 Mobile

Today, TopWinData brings all Windows 10 Mobile users a great news: playing Pokémon Go on your Windows 10 Mobile device is never impossible, as the release of PoGo UWP beta version recently, which is still not available in Windows Store.


As an account for Pokémon Go is needed before you can play it, in this article, we will list the guidelines for you how to create the Pokémon Go account and start to play it on Windows 10 mobile devices. Before starting, please also prepare your iOS or Android device which is required when you’re creating the account.

Now here are the guidelines:

Step 1: Create your Pokémon Trainer Club account online by clicking here;

Step 2: Install Bluestacks, a famous mobile gaming platform on PC, and login on your Android or iOS account;

Step 3: Download Pokémon Go and sign-in to your Pokémon Trainer Club account on the app and then log out;

And now you need the last few steps to bring Pokémon Go to Windows 10 Mobile:

Step 1: Download these files: file 1, file 2, file 3 and put them it the same folder (anywhere in your computer);

Step 2: Enable Device Portal on Windows 10 Mobile, and here is the Microsoft tutorial on how to do that;

Step 3: Navigate to “Install App” and select the first file you downloaded from step 1;

Step 4: Click on “Add Dependency” twice and add both file 2 and file 3;

Step 5: Click on “Go” under “Deploy” and wait until “Done!” is shown

Step 6: Login your Pokémon Trainer Club account on your Windows 10 Mobile and then you can start to enjoy the game.

If any you have any other ways to play Pokémon Go on Windows 10 Mobile, please reply in the comment so that other TopWinData users will benefit from your posts. 

Note: PoGo-UWP beta does not work any more on Windows Phone because of the API changes from Niantic. Updated on August 4, 2016