Microsoft released Office 2016,now available on MSDN


Microsoft released Office 2016 today and now It's available on MSDN.

The new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and Publisher all come fully touch enabled and full of new features. The most exciting new feature being talked about is the real-time collaboration that Word is gaining, which will bring the killer feature from Google Apps to Office. In addition, Excel gains the ability to convert handwriting directly into equations, further offering a boost in efficiency for Office users.

The new Office lets people work together across devices, Office apps, and time zones so that amazing things can happen. Because when you take the work out of working together, you’re just together. 

You can share the docs in an instant,you can create a doc with others together all in real time.also,chat together with skype through the new office.There are still many amazing things the new office can do,just as the slogan "the new Office—takes the work out of working together".

Watch this video to get more.