Microsoft Abandoned Project Astoria, the Tool for Porting Android Apps to Win10 Mobile

Microsoft announces the company has abandoned Project Astoria, the tool for porting Andriod apps to Windows 10 Mobile, which is put forward at Build 2015. Also, Microsoft announces another project, Project Islandwood, a tool for porting iOS apps to Windows 10 Mobile.


Microsoft declares that they received lots of feedback about two projects, Project Astoria and Project Islandwood, and it is very difficult to make a choice. Finally, the company decides to devote more to Project Islandwood, and to stop developing Project Astoria. Project Islandwood would help developers port iOS apps to Windows 10 Mobile, including Xbox and desktop. 

Also, Microsoft suggests that developers port Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile by Project Islandwood or Xamarin, which is the best solution. For more about Xamarin, you may click here to know more.