Micosoft Launches PowerApps, Allowing Developers to Build Apps Without Requiring Codes

Microsoft launches a fresh enterprise service, PowerApps, allowing developers to build Apps without requiring codes, including Windows 10 Apps , iOS Apps and Andriod Apps. 


The interface  of PowerApps is similar with Microsoft Office and it allows developers to integrate other enterprise service into it, so developers can create apps in similar environment, for example, developers can access data from cloud services like Office 365, Dropbox or other on-premises systems through PowerApps and use that information to create their app. 

PowerApps can be called SaaS product. The Apps created by PowerApps can be run on desktop, tablet PC and mobile devices. There are three versions for developer's choice: Free version, Standard version and Enterprise version. A free version of PowerApps allows developers to create unlimited app and to use with two cloud-data sources per user. The Standard version will enable unlimited app creation and use, with unlimited cloud data sources, including Office 365, Dropbox, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and more. An Enterprise version also will be available with unlimited app creation and use, unlimited cloud-data sources and on-premises data sources, including SQL and Dynamics. 

PowerApps was made public in April of 2015, and Microsoft called it "next billion dollar business". Now PowerApps is internal testing. You may click here to apply for test.