How to make a professional PowerPoint presentation/slide?

PowerPoint is a must have during work and learning. Sometimes, it even mixes our life and work. Some people are quite upset during making the PowerPoint slides, lacking of icons, pictures, layout concept, data arrangement, etc. Cause you are not designers.

But PowerPoint presentations are important for business plans, data show, resume, reports and teaching materials. How to make a professional presentation?

The first thought is to find a proper PowerPoint template through google. Yes, there are lots of PowerPoint template sites. Thousands of templates are waiting for your choice. However, then you meet other problems

l  Free templates have bad quality

l  Nice templates need dozens of dollars for one-time use

l  Templates are hard to customize

So you may decide to do your own template for needs. But you will feel regret once you open PowerPoint. Because you can’t design a good slide without resources like icons, pictures diagrams etc. Your slide must be like this:


These kinds of slides can’t help your presentation, but lower it down.

First, you need pictures of high resolution:

Or insert funny diagrams:

Or rich icons

And after that, you need color scheme to make your slides colorful

After that, your PowerPoint becomes much more professional, like this:

As a professional PowerPoint add-in, iSlide offers color scheme, layout arrangement, templates, diagrams etc. one-click slides optimization. By using these features, everyone can handle a professional presentation.

It is worthy to use.

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