Four Tips for Continuum Working on Windows 10

Microsoft announced Continuum for Phones in April of 2015. Half of year past, more details has not been unveiled. Today, the official blog of Microsoft discloses some tips for developers. 


Theoretically, all Windows 10 UWP apps that run on a Windows mobile device will be enabled for Continuum. However, to ensure all app work great on Continuum, Microsoft suggests developers to consider the following things:

1. Build responsive apps

2. Target the right device family

3. Include additional scaling assets

4. Create multi-screen experiences

With the Continuum, you are able to put a PC into your pocket, because you can connect a Windows mobile device to any external display with the new Microsoft Display Dock, USB-C, or Miracast. Once connected, the mobile can be used as a PC, that means the APP can be used on any screen. You may click Microsoft blog to know detailed tips.