Top Free Health & Fitness Windows 10 Apps for Women and Men

LEADTOOLS Medical Web ViewerDownload

LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer screenshot 1

The LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer is a zero footprint solution for viewing DICOM Images with Window Level, Stack, annotations/markup and multi touch support for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop. 

This is the online live demo of the Medical Web Viewer Framework included with LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging and Medical Imaging Suite. This demo is hosted on LEAD's web servers so you can quickly test the features of the LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer Framework with the default settings. 

The demo includes three viewers: 

This application is built using the LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer Framework included with LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging and Medical Imaging Suite. 

This is one of the sample applications that is shipped with LEADTOOLS, the award-winning SDK for programmers. The LEADTOOLS sample apps are intended to show developers some of the capabilities they can integrate into their own applications.

Downlaod LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer From Windows Store:

LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer


  • Works On:PC
  • Free

Homemade Skin CareDownload

Homemade Skin Care screenshot 1

Provides different homemade skin care recipes for several different types of skin.

Downlaod Homemade Skin Care From Windows Store:

Homemade Skin Care


  • Works On:PC
  • Free

20 Min. Yoga Sessions from YogaDownload.comDownload

20 Min. Yoga Sessions from screenshot 1

Now get’s 20 minute online yoga sessions to help you relax, become more centered and bring balance to your body, mind and soul. Choose from a wide-variety of yoga styles and themes perfect for any mood or day of the week. This is the most convenient way to access 20 Minute Yoga Sessions from You're always connected to the latest episode. Instant access, just touch and play!

Downlaod 20 Min. Yoga Sessions from From Windows Store:

Brilli Meditation - Relaxing SoundsDownload

Brilli Meditation - Relaxing Sounds screenshot 1

Brilli Meditation - Relaxing Sounds helps you sleep, relax, meditate. By using this app, you'll discover how relaxing sounds & meditation can improve your mood and your life.  

Bring peace, joy & harmony into your life!  Benefits of regular meditation: 

- Keeps your life stress-free 

- Increases your attention span 

- Helps you to have a good night sleep 

- Improves functioning of brain  


- Beautiful and elegant design 

- Night mode 

- Collection of 30+ high quality sounds 

- Prevents phone from locking 

- Timer system 

- Featuring Rain sounds, Waterfall sounds, Forest sounds, Beach sounds, Ocean sounds and many more   

Tip: For a better experience, We recommend you the use of headphones or earphones to listen the relaxing sounds.

Downlaod Brilli Meditation - Relaxing Sounds From Windows Store:

Brilli Meditation - Relaxing Sounds


  • Works On:PC,Mobile,Hub
  • Free

Sleep Waves FreeDownload

Sleep Waves Free screenshot 1

Sleep Waves WILL provide you with just the right sound you need in order to relax and fall asleep. You have the ability to set and turn on a timer to control how long the sound plays before it shuts off along with mixing sounds to get you that perfect relaxation. 

Downlaod Sleep Waves Free From Windows Store:

Sleep Waves Free


  • Works On:Xbox,HoloLens
  • Free

5 Minute Home WorkoutsDownload

5 Minute Home Workouts screenshot 1

Easy to follow 5 minute home exercise routines divided into 6 categories: Abs, Fat Loss, Chest and Arms, Butt and Legs, yoga and Pilates.  

Don't have the time or the will power to workout? Then try this app. All sessions have timed rest and exercise periods to ensure workouts take no more than 5 minutes - even the busiest people should be able to find 5 minutes a day to exercise!

Downlaod 5 Minute Home Workouts From Windows Store:

5 Minute Home Workouts


  • Works On:PC,Mobile
  • Free

EVA Period TrackerDownload

EVA Period Tracker screenshot 2

Since the dawn of time no woman has ever looked forward to tracking her period. 

Until now. Meet EVA, the first talking period tracker with a sense of humor.  

EVA is a personal AI assistant designed to:  

* Predict your future period, ovulation and fertility window 

* Remember your cycle history so you don’t have to 

* Track symptoms like BBT temperature, mood, flow, fluids, spotting and pain 

* Alert you when your period is coming so you get yourself and your tampons together 

* Alert you when your fertility window is coming so you get your partner ready 

* Remind you to take your pill so you don’t replicate yourself accidently 

* Remind you to log your symptoms so you track each one of them 

* Provide moral support at the right time (this part is under construction) 

* Be the easiest and most comprehensive ovulation calendar on Earth  

Note: EVA version 1.2 is just the start of a long robot evolution. Try her out and let us know if the evolution goes the right way. Thanks!

Downlaod EVA Period Tracker From Windows Store:

EVA Period Tracker


  • Works On:PC,Mobile device
  • Free

Daily WorkoutsDownload

Daily Workouts screenshot 4

Your own personal trainer wherever you are! 

Daily Workouts provides great 5 to 10 minute daily workout routines for men and women that step you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

These proven exercises, demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, target all major muscles. Spending just minutes a day can strengthen and tone your body. 

The routine's simple interface, complete with video and timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise. Simply select your routine and follow along! 

>>> TheStreet named Daily Workouts one of the best fitness apps!!!

•Ab, arm, butt, cardio and leg workouts
•Pilates, stretch, ball and kettlebell workouts
•5 to 10 minute targeted workouts
•Video showing how to do each exercise
•170+ free exercises

•Custom routines
•Random routines

Downlaod Daily Workouts From Windows Store:

Daily Workouts


  • Works On:PC,Mobile
  • Free

Weight & BMI TrackerDownload

Weight & BMI Tracker screenshot 1

Track your weight and BMI with this easy to use app by Dr. Albert Smolyar MD.
*** One of the top 25 MSN Tech's best apps ***

★★★★ Would definitely recommend this app!!
★★★★ Great for tracking weight and BMI!
★★★★ Awesome application, I am using it for tracking my weight and BMI through my workout. It has everything I need!

Downlaod Weight & BMI Tracker From Windows Store:

Weight & BMI Tracker


  • Works On:PC
  • Free

Seven - 7 Minute Workout ChallengeDownload

Seven - 7 Minute Workout Challenge screenshot 3

* No workout equipment & just minutes a day 
* Fun achievements and rewards to keep you motivated 
* Based on the 7-minute workout featured in NY Times Magazine 

Using nothing more than a chair, a wall, and your own body weight, the 7-minute workout is based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefit of working out regularly in the shortest time possible. 

Just like your favorite video game, Seven starts you off with three lives. Skip a day and lose a heart, but miss 3 workouts in a month and your progress resets to zero and it's game over! Work out every day for 7 months to achieve 100% and become a 7/7 champion. 

Seven also motivates you toward your goal with positive reinforcement: 

— Unlock achievements from Novice to Athlete as you vary your routine 
— Earn rewards and health-related giveaways 
— Set up daily reminders, or when you've missed too many workouts 
— Track your progress visually on color-coded graphs and calendars 
— Share your success with friends by e-mail, text message, Twitter or Facebook 

Seven guides you through the 7-minute workouts with precise illustrations, visual timers, spoken instructions and even tactile feedback to switch between 30 seconds of intense exercise and 10 seconds of rest. 

— No internet access needed. Work out anytime, anywhere! 
— Play songs from your favorite music app in the background 
— Fitness enthusiasts can do multiple circuits for longer workouts 
— Sync to keep your progress up-to-date on all your devices
— The "Learn" tab includes pro tips on how to perform each exercise 

Now all of us, busy as we are, can stay in shape!

Downlaod Seven - 7 Minute Workout Challenge From Windows Store:

Seven - 7 Minute Workout Challenge


  • Works On:PC,Mobile
  • Free