Best Video Player Apps for Windows 10 PC and Windows Mobile

CCPlayer ProDownload

CCPlayer does not need encoding for playing videos, and supported style subtitles. 1.7 million people worldwide are using the video player. SMI, SRT, ASS, SSA format subtitle formats are supported, and support all styles are available in Windows.

A unique part is the Now Watching, which lists videos have been playing and even remembers where you left off letting you watch and continue videos randomly without having to bookmark anything. There are popup windows in the corners allowing you to toggle quickly between multiple videos, impressive.1.7 million people worldwide are using this video player.

Downlaod CCPlayer Pro From Windows Store:

CCPlayer Pro


  • Works On:Xbox,HoloLens
  • $1.99

VLC UWPDownload

VLC desktop version is popular all around the world,and now, for windows 10 users, you can install the UWP version from windows store.But it does not feature all the features of the classic VLC.It does not support DVD or Blurays.

VLC media player is a portable, free and open-source, cross-platform media player and streaming media server written by the VideoLAN project.

VLC media player supports virtually all video and audio formats, including subtitles, rare file formats and streaming protocols.

It has a beautiful and functional user interface and it can  easily connect to  Dlink NAS.

Downlaod VLC UWP From Windows Store:



  • Works On:Xbox One,PC,Mobile device
  • Free

Ax-Lite Video PlayerDownload

A lightweight UWP video player for PC/Tablet/Phone. Supports touch control (swipe, scale...), Easy to use, fast loading, low power consumption. Supports hardware decoding, gesture, subtitle, MKV...


Touch Gesture Time/Volume

Two finger Scale, Move


Sound effect

UWP for all windows platforms

Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue Adjusting.

Clean Interface , Speed Launching , Preview Timeline , lots of Options to play with. It is free,just try this.

Downlaod Ax-Lite Video Player From Windows Store:

Ax-Lite Video Player


  • Works On:Xbox One,PC,Mobile device
  • Free

ACG PlayerDownload

ACG Player is a universal media player for Windows 10.It is full version of Ax-lite Player, free without function limitation!

Some highlight features:

Interactive Music Animation - Art EQ Visualizer, Firework Ribbon Dance effects (mouse, DX11) ...

Customizable Art Font Subtitle with matchless high performance HARDWARE rendering technology!

ACG Player screenshot 1

Touch screen swipe control, quick 9 buttons (long press), side gesture.

ACG Player screenshot 5

Video Preview (slider, swipe)


ACG Player screenshot 4

This is the best video player on the Windows Store so far.

Downlaod ACG Player From Windows Store:

ACG Player


  • Works On:Xbox One,PC,Mobile device
  • Free