Best RSS Readers on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Nextgen ReaderDownload

A fast, clean and powerful RSS news reader for Windows (universal app). Login/purchase once and run on multiple devices (Mobile, PC or Tablet). Feedly client. No ads in trial version.


  • Completely safe and secure authentication.

  • Choose dark or light theme with multiple color accents.

  • A standard 3-pane layout and a beautiful grid view for 2-in-1's.

  • Pin multiple live tiles to start screen.

  • Full keyboard support in 3-pane view (press "?" key).

  • Set default open method per feed: summary, full article or webpage.

Downlaod Nextgen Reader From Windows Store:
Nextgen Reader $2.99

Nextgen Reader


  • Works On:PC,Mobile
  • Developer:Next Matters


FeedLab screenshot 5

FeedLab is a must have RSS reader for Windows 10 users. It has live tile support, parsing of full article and even an in app browser. It has great UI, fluid and slick animations, feature set is great and its solid.It is one of the best Feedly clients.

Some features below:

  • Order and customize your categories according to your wishes

  • Customize the homepage and the layout of your articles list according to your use (choice of the homepage, theme light, gray or dark)

  • Discover optimized gestures to simplify your daily use

  • Live tiles: pin your favorite categories on the home screen of your Windows 10

Find all the articles from your favorite sites on this smartly designed application. FeedLab will become your essential companion to have all your RSS feeds directly onto your Windows 10 machines in the blink of an eye.

Downlaod FeedLab From Windows Store:
FeedLab FREE



  • Works On:HoloLens
  • Developer:‪ClevLab‬


This app is fast and stable and has a lot of users. the app allows you to add new sources by searching or entering the straight rss url. and also, newsflow downloads news from RSS feeds directly to your device and stores them locally,so you'll be able to read them at any time whenever you want.It has great UI,great support and updates and ties into feedly.It keeps getting better and better.

Downlaod Newsflow From Windows Store:
Newsflow FREE



  • Works On:HoloLens
  • Developer:‪MaxN‬


Readiy is a Feedly client/RSS reader. Simple, no frill, fast (no really, it's fast), intuitive and beautiful. 

This app is Easy to set up, allows fast scans along with easy drilldown to an article that interests you.

Some Features:

  • Feedly sync

  • Multiple reading modes (Instapaper, readability, inline browser)

  • Sharing (Save to Pocket/Instapaper), Share full articles to OneNote, EverNote using charm.

  • Multiple live tiles, including large tile.

  • Expand/Collapse categories

Downlaod Readiy From Windows Store:
Readiy FREE



  • Works On:PC
  • Developer:‪Nishro Tech LLC.‬

Readable Feed ReaderDownload

A new RSS reader app released at 1/29/2018.  features include easy import / export with opml file,notifications,dark and light themes,save sources to local devices,windows timeline.

It's a beautiful app,easy to use and powerful . And the developers of this app constantly working on updates and they listen to users' feedback.

Downlaod Readable Feed Reader From Windows Store:
Readable Feed Reader FREE

Readable Feed Reader


  • Works On:PC,Hub
  • Developer:Ponn