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Pomodoro Timer UWP FREE

Pomodoro Timer UWP


  • Works On:PC,Hub
  • Add Time:2018-09-30
  • Notes: Note: Free trial available under "..." button. Pomodoro Timer UWP gives you the power to be productive like never before! In the past, working on tasks was quite difficult
Evernote FREE



  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-09-27
  • Notes: The Evernote app for Windows 10 has added support for templates with its latest update. Evernote's revamped templates feature is meant to help you get started with jotting your notes a little easier.
SmartTaskbar $1.09



  • Works On:PC,Hub
  • Add Time:2018-09-26
  • Notes: * You can use this software for free or buy it for donation only
Client for Telegram $2.99

Client for Telegram


  • Works On:HoloLens
  • Add Time:2018-09-25
  • Notes: The revolutionary Telegram messenger finally available on Windows! Client for Telegram: Among all, I am best! More than 200 million users have joined Telegram
Audio Media Conversion Tool $1.99

Audio Media Conversion Tool


  • Works On:HoloLens
  • Add Time:2018-09-21
  • Notes: Audio Media Conversion Tool works with various types of audio and video formats
Unigram - A Telegram universal experience FREE

Unigram - A Telegram universal experience


  • Works On:Xbox,HoloLens
  • Add Time:2018-09-20
  • Notes: - You can add multiple accounts with different phone numbers to your Telegram app, and then quickly switch between them from the side menu. Notifications will keep coming from all accounts, unless you change this in the Notification settings. - You can now finally search for chats while forwarding a message. - Voice calls are finally back! - Search for near locations when sharing your position.
Chronos (Diary/Journal App) FREE

Chronos (Diary/Journal App)


  • Works On:PC,Hub
  • Add Time:2018-09-17
  • Notes: Chronos helps you privately capture your daily activities, thoughts, idea, and photos