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IA4Edge Free



  • About this Edge Extension: The purpose of this extension is to monitor web applications by using a synthetic file provided by this analyzer (IA4EDGE)
CPC View web edition Free

CPC View web edition


  • About this Edge Extension: CPC View is an Edge Extension that provides in-Edge viewing for files in the hyper-compressed CPC format
Get QR Code Free

Get QR Code


  • About this Edge Extension: Easily get a QR code for any website. Perfect for presentations, or just sending a link to your friends
USC Schedule Helper Free

USC Schedule Helper


  • About this Edge Extension: This extension shows you, at a glance, available spots, professor ratings, color-coded conflicts, the ability to export your calendar, and more for USC Web Registration
Notebook Web Clipper Free

Notebook Web Clipper


  • About this Edge Extension: Notebook Web Clipper Clip content from the web to your Notebook with Web Clipper
Better 9gag for Edge Free

Better 9gag for Edge


  • About this Edge Extension: A WebExtension that provides improvements to the browsing experience for 9gag
Library Access Beta Free

Library Access Beta


  • About this Edge Extension: Get easy access to e-resources provided by your Library directly from your browser
Quick Notion Free

Quick Notion


  • About this Edge Extension: The Quick Notion is used to quickly collect and send metadata from a browser page to create a minimal Notion in NanoNotion
EdgeTana Free



  • About this Edge Extension: Redirect Bing search (made by Cortana or not) elsewhere
FeedbackPanda Free



  • About this Edge Extension: Create Feedback on FeedbackPanda directly from Online Education sites such as VIPKID, DaDaABC, ALO7, Landi English, TutorABC, gogokid and MagicEars